Meet Mary Beth

Hi! I’m Mary Beth. Welcome 🙂



The basics: I’m a grateful daughter, sister, granddaughter, and girlfriend. I’m a high school teacher and Christian life coach.


I’m obsessed with: Artisanal coffee. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast. Any book by Brené Brown. Breakfast foods. McDonald’s Coke. Dave Ramsey. Lacroix sparkling water. Lara Casey’s PowerSheets. Hoopla. Wheel of Fortune. Striped clothing.


How I got into coaching: Mostly it was because I didn’t feel like applying to grad school yet.

Ok, but really. I  was on the receiving end of weekly coaching meetings. I saw my productivity soar and my instruction improve drastically. I participated in a coaching course at my school district and was interested in putting it into practice in my day-to-day life.

One of my girlfriends at work began coaching with the brilliant Diana Kerr and told me it was like talking to me. I could be a life coach too, I thought, but I don’t even know where to begin. And would I really be that good at it? I ignored the doubt in the back of my head, researched programs, and ended up at the Christian Coach Institute (highly recommended, in case you’re curious 🙂 )

My favorite part of coaching is providing encouragement and motivation to people in the trenches of life-the ones who aren’t sure where to go next, the ones ready to make a change,  the ones seeking improved health/marriages/relationships/habits/etc. It takes courage to live a healthy and happy life!

I can’t wait to get to know you!


With love,

Mary Beth