April 2017 Goals

Happy April 5! Since the last time I posted, I’ve rocked several grad school assignments, run a 5K, organized some staff bonding activities at my new job, and my boyfriend and I got engaged. Yay yay yay! Life has been so full and fun, and it has been a welcome change to the winter season (both literally and figuratively).

Here’s how March went:

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February 2017 Goals

Hi friends! How was your January? Personally, I feel like I rocked it. And I’m especially grateful to be feeling so happy, because the end of 2016 was HARD, and it feels so so good to have a fresh start. I’m riding this momentum into February and want to fill you in on my goals. A lot of them look similar to January (the celebration theme is still strong…), but it feels right. I was worried about having so many goals for January: worried about falling off the wagon, or not checking off all the boxes, or flat-out failing at some of the items on my list. Something I’m noticing, however, is that all the January goals provided structure for me, and that structure was exactly what I needed last month. Before checking out the February goals, let’s take a look back and see how January went..

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January 2017 Goals

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I’ve been working hard on my PowerSheets and can’t wait to fill you in on my January 2017 goals 🙂 


I am a huge fan of goal setting, and my favorite tool is Lara Casey’s PowerSheets. Before you begin writing your goals, you complete some prep work to get your mind and heart ready for intentional goal-setting, which I think is the crux of people’s success with the PowerSheets. Every year, I complete the PowerSheets prep and I’m so surprised by how it grounds me and prepares me for the upcoming year.


Even before I started PowerSheets three years ago, my best friend and I would pick a word to guide our year. I’m excited to announce my word for 2017 is abide. This has come out of a season of wanting to be in different circumstances and comparing my season to those of others. (The book Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison by Heather Holleman is a great resource for working through comparison.) God is teaching me that circumstances will not define me, but my faith in Him will. More on this later.


Without further ado, here are the goals!

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Is “being well-rounded” all it’s cracked up to be?


I remember getting involved in events in middle school and  high school partially based on what would look good on my resume. “Be well-rounded,” I heard from teachers, counselors, and mentors. “Be a well-rounded student. Join all the clubs! Try all the electives! Attend all the meetings! Play all the sports!” Well-rounded seemed to be the path to success.

It’s no surprise that this path was fraught with uncomfortable meet-and-greets, low test scores, pointless meetings, and little to no play time for sports I didn’t care about. Oh, and this uncomfortable aching of wanting to just fit in somewhere…  because whatever I was doing wasn’t it.

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On being called crazy


I have two questions for you. One: what’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given? The gal with the prettiest hair? The hardest worker? The healthiest eater?

Question two: What’s the worst – but maybe still kind of true – thing someone has said about you?

It’s easier to come up with the insults than the compliments, right? That’s how it was for me. My favorite compliment was from a friend in college who called me the kindest person he knew. I work really hard at that, and I was so elated to see someone notice. As for snubs against me, I can think of a bunch. Some of those names were more hurtful than others, but my therapist taught me that those insults say more about the person who’s talking instead of the person who’s on the receiving end.

Still, I can’t help but look for a grain of truth in those insults. I try to look at it as an opportunity to improve. So last weekend when I attended a wedding, I thought it’d be all fun and marriage ceremony and dancing with friends. I didn’t think I’d be presented with an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect on myself.

At said wedding, I met a girl who lives in the same city as my boyfriend’s almost brother-in-law, and I wanted to talk to her about that to see if she knew his family. Actually, let me pause here for a moment. How do you even explain that phrase?  My boyfriend’s almost brother-in-law? My boyfriend’s sister’s fiance? My friend? Acquaintance? Like…what?

So I called my boyfriend’s almost brother-in-law.. my brother-in-law. Part of it was laziness, part of it was confusion around what to call this guy, and part of it was wanting to spit out my sentence as quickly as possible to keep the conversation going.

Another friend- let’s call him Gary- rolled his eyes and said, “That’s pretty presumptuous of you… thinking you and your boyfriend are going to be together forever and all.” And I laughed it off because, well, what else do you do? Gary had just recently had his heart mega-broken and was probably cynical, I thought to myself.

And I joked about something later, something related to my boyfriend again. And Gary, again within earshot, reminded me how audacious this was.

“I’m sorry… this probably makes you uncomfortable,” I said, referring to Gary’s recent broken heart.

“No,” he said, “You just sound crazy.”


Crazy? Crazy! Crazy. Maybe I was? Maybe I shouldn’t call my boyfriend’s almost brother-in-law MY brother-in-law. Maybe I shouldn’t think too far ahead into the future.

There are seeds of truth in that sentence. I shouldn’t look so far ahead, and I struggle with this. I need to stay in my lane and stop looking forward to a season I’m not in right now.

But you know what I think is crazy, guys? Gary, who thought I was weird, had no problem telling me- and all his friends- about a gal he’d been sleeping with for six months and had no intention of dating, let alone marrying. I couldn’t tell if I was more disgusted with his openness about this, or the fact that I know too many people who do the same thing and think this is a totally normal approach to love and intimacy.

Gary thinks I’m crazy for valuing commitment. I think he’s crazy for cheapening it.

Now, I’m fairly certain I’m in the minority for having an opinion like this in 2016, but I don’t mind. If this is ‘weird’, I don’t want to be ‘normal’. God calls us “chosen” (1 Peter 2:9) and “set apart” (Deuteronomy 14:2). What God says about me means more than what my peers say.  

What I want is to follow Christ and walk with Him as closely as possible. I want to embrace ‘weird’ and ‘radical’ and ‘strange’ if it means I’m doing my best as a Christian and maturing spiritually. I’m a sinner by nature: I make mistakes, I say the wrong things, I hurt others’ feelings, and I turn my back on God more often than I’d care to admit. But that’s the beauty of the Gospel. Jesus came to save me from my sins and bring me back to Him, day after day after day.

And I know I’m not saved by works, but my conscientious self feels the need to add that  I wake up every day determined to do my best, and I pray that God sees that.

So call me weird if you want to. I’m waiting on what Jesus says about me when it’s my turn to enter His kingdom. And I’m going to compliment everyone I can on my way there.

Do you struggle with loving yourself? With beating yourself up when you’re just trying to do your best? Are you wanting to live a more wholehearted life? Click here to fill out a Google form and set up a free 30 minute awareness call with me to see if coaching is for you!

What is life coaching?

Mary Beth, you’re saying you’re a life coach. I’ve heard the term before, but that’s all I know. What is a life coach? What is life coaching?

You’re in the right place, friend. Read on to learn about life coaching and how it differs from counseling.


What coaching is: Coaching is a place where you get to be honest, dream, talk about yourself, and have space to think so you can set goals and get moving towards making your dreams happen! You work with a life coach in person, on the phone, or via Skype/FaceTime.


What coaching is not: It’s not therapy, advice-giving, or mentoring. I won’t tell you what to do/read/say/think/etc. You won’t have any homework (unless you want it). You won’t be coddled, pitied, or judged.


But what exactly is the difference between coaching and counseling? Counseling explores the past and helps fix the root of problems. It’s like medicine for your heart and mind. It moves you from instability to stability. I’m a huge proponent of counseling and believe everybody should have a counselor, just like everyone has a dentist and general practitioner.


Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the future and what could be. Together, you and I acknowledge where you are and where you want to go. Then I help you get there! I’m also a firm believer in coaching, and believe everyone should have a coach to help propel them forward.


What is a life coach? A life coach is a companion coming alongside you to motivate, encourage, and support you while you reach your fullest potential. You’ll be cheered on and supported while you do awesome things and achieve your goals!  


Why coaching is for you: You know that good habit you want to adopt? That degree you want to get? That hobby you’re ready to grow into a business? That post-work time you want to savor with your spouse and kids? The morning frenziness you want to regain control over? Now’s the time to make that happen. You deserve to make time for your creativity. Your health. Your self-care. Your relationships. Your spiritual journey.


And I want to help you.


Fill out this form to let me know you’re interested and we’ll get a free, 30-minute awareness call on the calendar. I can’t wait to hear from you!


With love,

Mary Beth

Ten things you probably didn’t know about me

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post! To kick this off, I’m going to share ten things you probably didn’t know about me. Make sure to introduce yourself when you’re done reading!



  1. I take my coffee black and my wine red.
  2. I used to videotape Mass at my home parish. It was my first job with a paycheck! And I still videotape when I visit my hometown on the weekends.
  3. I studied abroad in Angers, France in the spring of 2011. I took classes at the local university and ate my way through the city.IMG_1767
  4. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. And not because I’ve always had a boyfriend, because I haven’t. My best friend and I DOMINATE the single gal Valentine’s Day.IMG_2077
  5. I find grocery shopping to be so relaxing. I think it’s because everything is organized, unlike anything at my house.
  6. I have basic cable specifically to watch Wheel of Fortune. At 7pm Monday-Saturday you’ll most likely find me in front of a TV.
  7. I’ve been to three Taylor Swift concerts. She puts on an incredible show. It’s unlike any other concert I’ve been to.
  8. I’m not an animal person. I mean, they’re fine and all, but it’s not my jam.
  9. One of the highlights of my 20s was volunteering for a Dave Ramsey event in my city. Seeing even a little part of his presentation was inspiring, and the people I volunteered with were incredible. I highly recommend it if you’re even remotely interested.IMG_5576
  10. Michael Symon is my favorite celebrity chef. My best friend and I are on a mission to visit all of his restaurants. So far we’ve crossed Roast and B Spot off the list. 


There you have it! Can you relate to any of the things I mentioned? What are some things people don’t know about you? Share in the comments below!